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Hi! I'm Kaspar, the founder of SUBTLE Coffee.
From the first moment I stepped behind the bar, I've been a coffee enthusiast. I fell into coffee by accident one morning at work. That first shift when I started sending customers out the door with a smile on their face and coffee in their hand, I knew I’d found my passion.
To me, the magic of coffee is the power it has to transform someone’s day. Whether it’s the latte art in the cup or the friendly face behind the bar, cafes have the opportunity to leave people smiling. 



Illustration by @thewildreverieart

Born in Estonia, pursuit of coffee knowledge led me to Amsterdam where I’ve gotten the chance to work alongside some great baristas and hone my skills. I’ve grown to love this city and it’s increasing appreciation of specialty coffee. After spending some time working in Melbourne, I returned to the Netherlands with an even greater drive to create a more efficient and relaxing experience for the customer.
SUBTLE Coffee is my way of sharing my passion and helping others see that complex doesn't have to be difficult.


Dutch Latte Art Championship '19


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