Dulce - Capricornio from Brazil, 250g

Dulce - Capricornio from Brazil, 250g

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Taste notes: Chocolate, Hazelnut, Stone fruit


Farm: Four Seasons project

Region: Paraná and São Paolo

Elevation: 450 - 1,200 meters above sea level

Varietal: Capricornio

Process: Natural



Roasted for : Espresso
  • About the coffee

    Our Brazilian origin coffee is a smooth, round espresso made from beans grown at the range of 450 - 1,200 meters above sea level around five regions in the southern states of Paraná and São Paolo.

    The farms, are part of Four Seasons project that started inspiring export, education and farmer promotions from the south of Brazil called Capricornio.

    They are well known for producing high quality coffee. 

    The fruits from this Cultivar has been selectively picked and processed using natural methods. It's sweet, clean and delicious for espresso or milk-based beverages. With hints of chocolate and sweet plums, it will be an instant favorite in your cup.