Don Julián from Guatemala, 1kg

Don Julián from Guatemala, 1kg

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Taste notes: honeydew, purple grape, cacao


Farm: Finca El Rincon

Region: Cobán Rainforest

Elevation: 1500m 

Varietal: Caturra & Bourbon

Process: Washed



Roasted for
  • About the coffee

    Don Julian Coffee is a smooth and fruity specialty coffee that can be enjoyed as a filter coffee or as espresso. From the first sip you will taste notes of honeydew, purple grape, and cacao.

    It is a blend of beans that have been grown 1524m above sea level on the Finca El Rincón estate, located in the Coban Rainforest of Huehuetenango in Guatemala. We use Caturra and Bourbon variety beans that are fermented for 24-48-hours, which gives the coffee a light and fruity body. If you’re looking for something distinct, you’ll love working with Don Julian Coffee.