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Customer Service

  • 1.5 Hours

  • Creating a welcoming cafe atmosphere: greetings, reading your customer, familiarizing them with the cafe menu, and up-selling and cross-selling with the right customers

  • Customer interaction: positive attitude, making the best out of negative situations, following up with the customer after point of purchase, and incorporating feedback.

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Barista Workshop

  • 2 Hours

  • Brewing coffee: how to pull an espresso and brew with the methods available in your cafe. How to follow a recipe, and make adjustments according to taste.​

  • Milk steaming basics: common mistakes, alternative milks and achieving consistent milk quality.​​

  • Introduction to Latte Art: where to hold the jug and cup for the most control and practice pouring basic patterns (heart, tulip, rosetta).

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Advanced Barista Workshop

This training is tailored to your specific cafe needs. Exact is discussed prior to course but can include:

  • 4 Hours

  • Efficient workflow management: creating a space that works for you and managing waste​​

  • Optimizing customer service: anticipating needs and engaging with customers to match their tastes and preferences to your menu.​

  • Better understand the characteristics your coffee and compare it to others out there through cupping.

  • Advanced latte art training (swan, phoenix, inverted patterns)

Advanced Barista Workshop 350px.png
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