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We use clear, plain-spoken language, and make sure to use references you can easily relate to. We don't overpromise when it comes to the learning curve. We strive to simplify the path and explain the best way forward.

All skill levels are welcome. 

Classes are held on-site in and around Amsterdam. 

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Individual Training

These one-on-one trainings focus on helping you become the best barista you can be. With an emphasis on bringing together all aspects of coffee, from origins to dialing espresso and milk streaming, the aim is to increase your overall coffee knowledge.


We tailor the training to develop specific skills that will help you meet your personal coffee goals.

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Staff Workshops

Looking to raise the level of service in your cafe or hotel? These on-site staff workshops are designed to help train and motivate your team. Covering a wide range of topics from the coffee menu and equipment training to waste and workflow management, these workshops are focused on optimizing your cafe and training your team to reach their full potential.

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Latte Art Classes

Are you an advanced barista looking to up your latte art game? For those interested in sharpening their skills, I offer individual latte art trainings and competition prep. As a competitor myself, I know what it takes to get on the World stage.


So whether you´re getting into free pouring or want to tighten up your competition routine, these trainings can help you take your latte art to the next level.   

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